Dating my brothers best friend

Maybe the one brother knows things about his friend that makes him feel this guy is not the best for you, who knows. Give it a shot. What I would do is talk to the brother that seems to have a problem with it. Maybe if you pull him aside and tell him how much you really like him, he might respect that and be okay with it. The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!

Can I date my brother's friend? I have three older brothers who have all been quite overprotective while we were growing up. Now they are just overprotective when it comes to their friends.

However, we are all really close and usually hang out together on the weekends so I've gotten to know their friends pretty well. They have this friend that is really good looking and he's a really sweet guy.

Relationship Tell All: I'm Dating My Brother's Best Friend

We've always kind of flirted with each other but up until recently I was in a relationship and never really considered dating him. Since that relationship ended I've been hanging out with this guy and my brothers more often and the flirting has kind of intensified. My one brother told the guy he should take me out sometime to I guess get me back into the dating world but my other brother seems to have a problem with it. I understand why it would bother him but I can't seem to get this guy out of my head. I would never want to screw up my brothers friendship and I have thought of the consequences if we date and things end badly.

Relationship Tell All: I'm Dating My Brother's Best Friend

We really haven't had too much alone time to talk about our feelings so I'm not really sure where he stands. We don't have each others phone numbers so we only see each other on the weekends when we both go out with my brothers. Since my one brother is ok with it he told us both that he would handle the other brother but I'm not sure if it is even a possibility to date this guy or not. What would you recommend doing if you were in this situation? Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Last edited by vision; 7th June at I've been on the other end of this as the "best friend" who almost started dating my friend's little sister. Same kind of thing, I would phone up and talk with the sister before passing off the phone. I would drop by the house hoping to find her home alone, otherwise I'd just chat with my friend. I think you should talk to this guy and make it more clear that you will be going together. Don't leave any ambiguity. And as the other person posting said, many of us guys including me are oblivious when a girl asks us out. As for, is it wrong? I would say no, but it can be awkward.

Depends on the relationships between brother-sister and friend-friend. It could work, it could not.

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In my case I did take her out on a pretty serious date, but felt guilty somehow and could tell that my friend was not pleased at all. And I didn't even kiss her. Afterwards I totally chickened out and stopped pursuing her, although if she had phoned me enthusiastically I would have kept at it. I totally regret this now, I had been flirting with his sister since highschool too and we would have been a perfect match. I think I should have kept at it without being overly concerned about pissing off my friend. We grew distant over the years anyway. Another friend of mine had a very different relationship with his sister.

It totally didn't bother him what his sister was up to. So it might not matter at all in your case, I don't know. I do agree that I need to make it more clear But,I was just thinking about this.

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And, you would think that instead of saying "I would love to go! Let me know the details. It was nice talking to you last night. My problem right now is I sent him an email responding that said "Sounds good! So, I guess I am just playing a waiting game for his reponse. As for my brother, he is really not that protective. So, don't think he would have tooo much of a problem with it, just might think its weird but hopefully he will get over it if things work out Instead of waiting why not send a quick email to say this is a date?

My best friend's just started dating my brother. A recipe for disaster, no?

I know the game is in July. My boss has tickets for the end of June I believe, so I think I am going to trade my boss the July tickets for June tickets and inform my date of this That way I will not be waiting a month and a half before the event, and it gives me an excuse to email him. I guess if he really did not want to go, he would not have said yes. Man, Dating can be so stressful! But, I guess its a good kind of stress. Thanks again for the advice! I am not good at this asking guys out thing But my motivation for this was just thinking that sometimes you just have to be brave and put yourself out there to get any results.

My previous attempts of just waiting for Prince Charming to fall in my lap have not worked, so why not ya know? Well, he sent me an email reply saying that he has marked it on his calendar and we will have to figure out all the details about meeting up and etc AND he said he hopes to see me before the game. Why do I always worry about this kind of crap?? I sit here and get myself all worked up and overanalyze over nothing!! Mmm, maybe 'cus you are a wemin and you gals don't make much sense to us..