Dating fight remix

SuperFrog - World 4.

Maupiti Island - Theme. Unreal - Flight Level regular mix. Battle Valley Fire Power. Lizardking's Theme Armandox Rework.

Byggsats 13 [Live Re-Mix]. Disconnected Spiral Hands On Maniac. Oil Imperium Adair has the Funk. Enchanted Lands - Intro Enchantedness.

Battle Standards Remixes | Standards & Practices

Jim Power - Level 5. Wings - Melville's Theme. RoboCop The best of both worlds Remix.

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Space Deliria Tribute to DR. Leander - World Three AS Shadow of the Beast Guitar Edit. Vibe the Pipe plus Rockpart. Turrican 2 Krazy Metal Head. Battle Standards Remixes by Talker.

Undertale - Dating Fight! Remix (My Version)

Will Lynch aka Timecop. Purchasable with gift card. Battle Standard Surgeon Remix My Favorite Color Is Gold Battle Standard Regis Remix Anthony Child kicks off the proceedings with his first remix in over a year, and it's one of his best to date. His version of 'Battle Standard' takes the track in a radically different direction, building a hair-raising wall of sound culminating in an unforgettable melodic refrain, beautiful and brutal in classic Surgeon fashion.

Battle Standards Remixes

The A2 track is a special bonus: His overhaul is nothing short of remarkable. Only retaining a segment of the original drum track, he adds a post-punk-esque vocal while a vicious, monotone bassline snarls underneath, sounding like it slithered off of a Big Black LP sometime around Regis closes the EP with his brilliant broken-beat take on 'Battle Standard', stripping the original to its essentials for maximum dancefloor impact.

Distribution by Triple Vision, Rotterdam. Tags electronic remixes techno Chicago.